Hiyoko series : Handy Fold-able Wooden Loom, Everyone from Kids to Adults can weave!

SAORI 45GA Hiyoko                                   (JPY 74,500 - tax included.)


Glue laminated timber of rubber tree.

It is smooth to touch and attractive in appearance.

*1 reed (5 dents/cm x 45cm)
*2 harnesses (incl. 200 wire heddles)
*2 wooden tying rods with cords

The winder, bobbins, boat shuttle, reed hook and heddle hook are not included.





Depth:68.5 cm / when raised, 39cm / when folded)
Height:87.5cm (94cm / when folded)

Reed space:45cm

               (Model's height is 130cm)                    (Model's height is 165cm)

Hiyoko Starter Set                                       (JPY 14,350 - tax included.)

















SAORI Hiyoko is a small and handy fold-able loom, so it is good for your second loom. If the Hiyoko is your first loom, Hiyoko starter Set is needed.


included Winder Kawasemi Ⅲ, the 20 bobbins, 1 boat shuttle(middle size), 1 reed hook, 1 heddle hook and 1 ready made warp (150 threads x 4m)


For warping, the warping frame "Hototogisu" is available.







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From KIds to Adults! SAORI wooden loom "Hiyoko"