Self-discovery through hand-weaving

SAORI is a free style of hand-weaving which was founded in 1968 by Misao Jo who was born in Osaka, Japan.


In the SAORI philosophy, everyone can freely express themselves regardless of age, gender, disability or intellectual aptitude. Everyone can enjoy weaving using their own creativity.

SAORI believes there are no mistakes, every weave has its own special character. Loose threads along the edge and accidental skipping of threads add to overall beauty in the same way as the freedom of SAORI.

■□ Information □■

Founder of SAORI, Misao Jo passed away on the 10th of January 2018. She was 104 years old. 


She wrote in her book, "One of the most delightful moments is when I can express my wishes to people perfectly".


Throughout Saori Weaving, we have our own inner revolution, and discover ourselves anew. We can make good use of our experience. Misao Jo gave us such happy things.


I would like to go forward with you into future, while we are looking back on her extraordinary life.



Eiji Jo

The Representative of NPO Saori Hiroba


SAORI KAIKAN (The SAORI centre) in Osaka

The head office, SAORI KAIKAN (The SAORI centre) in Osaka have moved !

SAORI KAIKAN New address: 

:::SAORI Osaka head office / Saorihiroba:::


Tower Plaza Avenue 1,2F

5-13-4, Nakano-cho,

Miyakojima-ku, Osaka


TEL1: 06-6921-7811

TEL2: 06-6921-7822 (NPO Saorihiroba)

FAX: 06-6921-8255



Omoi no Katachi Project


We have created a long-term project for the relief from earthquake and tsunami that occured in North East Japan in March 2011. We strive to accomplish the following primary projects.



●Weaving and praying for recovery. Connect together through SAORI weaving.


   SAORI weavers can support through weaving. We will then sell "the SAORI  Omoi no katachi works", and send the profits to "The SAORI Omoinokatachi Fund".  


Stage 1 --- "Weave 10,000 SAORI scarves which will each have its own story."

Stage 2 --- "Pray Weaving. Weaving good-luck bracelets"


*You can purchase "the SAORI Omoi no Katachi works" in the Japanese SAORI branches, and our online shop. ""(Japanese)


*Contact us if you can help to sell "the SAORI Omoi no Katachi works" in your shop or event.


●”The SAORI Omoi no Katachi Fund"

 We have established "the SAORI Omoi no Katachi Fund" for the long-term support project. 


●Smile again through SAORI weaving.

SAORI weaving has a therapeutic effect. We wish that SAORI weaving can make you smile and find peace within your life.


 Stage 1 ---  "SAORI weaving workshop"

 Stage 2 ---  "YELL for TOHOKU"

    Support to sell SAORI works by welfare institutions in North East Japan.

 Stage 3 ---  "SAORIAS"

    To establish an original SAORI brand made by tsunami victims.


●Planning a new project for making people happy. 


Toyosaki Nagaya

NPO SAORI-HIROBA suggest a new way to work for people with disabilities.

We opened SAORI studio "SAORI Toyosaki Nagaya" on the 3rd of September 2011, in Toyosaki, Osaka.


Here is a place where people with disabilities can be instructors.

They instruct people who come to experience the 'Hands-on' SAORI workshop.

You can enjoy SAORI hand weaving in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

You can feel the atmosphere from Youtube video!  click here

It's approximately 10 mins. walk from Osaka station.

It takes about 5 mins. walk from Nakasakicho station (the nearest subway station) to "SAORI Toyosaki Nagaya".


SAORI Toyosaki Nagaya

Address:1-7-2, Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Tel: 06-6376-0410


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