Saori Report Subscription 2014


We issue a monthly SAORI REPORT for people who enjoy Saori Weaving.The printed SAORI REPORT has interesting and valuable information such as Misao Jo's philosophy, NPO SAORI-HIROBA's activities, latest event information and ideas or making a Saori clothing etc. The printed version is in Japanese.

We would be very happy to have you on our subscribers list.

:::: Subscribers of the Saori Report ::::

*You can receive the monthly SAORI Report (in Japanese) by airmail from April 2014 to March 2015.

*The subscription fee is JPY 2,700 (The postage included)


For all subscribers please send the following information.

Your Name /  Address / Telephone / Email 

How many subscriptions you need:

How you would like to pay the subscription: Paypal or Bank Transfer (Commissions for bank transfers and Paypal transactions are required.)


*2014 subscriptions to the SAORI Report will end the 31st of March 2015.If you want to continue to receive the reports after that date please re-subscribe for 2015. We will let you know how to continue your subscription in March 2015.

*If you subscribe after April, we will send the back numbers from April to the month when you subscribe. After that, we will send the SAORI REPORT monthly.



What's New


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