Winder, Shuttles and Bobbins

Winder "Kawasemi Ⅲ"

included 20 bobbins (color: black)

You can wind faster than the previous model.


Kawasemi Ⅲ Shuttle Set is available. (JPY10,800)

Included a Winder "Kawasemi  Ⅲ", 20 bobbins and a boat shuttle (middle size).


(from left to right)

XL size (65cm x 3.5cm, 100g)

L size (50cm x 3.5cm, 74g)

M size (37cm x 3.5cm, 50g)

S size (17.5cm x 2.5cm, 14g)


Boat Shuttle

M size (34cm x 4cm)


S size (24cm x 3.5cm, 55g)

XL size (41.5cm x 5cm, 140g)



Black bobbins M size / 20 pieces



(for Kawasemi Ⅲ)

M size / 15 pieces


(for the past Winder / Kawasemi Ⅲ)

S size / 20 pieces


(for the past Winder / Kawasemi Ⅲ)

Bobbins with rims - M size / 8 pieces

*It is not usable for S size Shuttle.


(for the past Winder / Kawasemi Ⅲ)


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